melloweasy カーミングシルクピローケース

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melloweasy カーミングシルクピローケース
melloweasy カーミングシルクピローケース
melloweasy カーミングシルクピローケース
melloweasy カーミングシルクピローケース
melloweasy カーミングシルクピローケース


Set the stage for a rejuvenating night’s sleep

with the melloweasy calming silk pillowcase.

It’s smooth, comfortable, and keeps you cool.

Slip into

Blissful Sleep

Your sleep is our mission. A pillowcase that soothes the senses is everything you need to slip into the softest dreams. This pure silk bed beauty is so smooth that it melts away tension and induces relaxation.

More Time for

You in The Morning

It doesn’t only improve your beauty sleep, but also your skin. Silk soothes the eyes, keeps the under-eye area hydrated, and minimizes the signs of fatigue. This means you can keep binge-watching your favorite shows and nobody will notice.

A Pillowcase for

Hot Sleepers

Silk’s natural temperature-regulating properties will keep you comfortably cool in the hot summer days and cozy during winter. Combined with our silk eye mask, it helps you relax easier and treat yourself to the sleep of your dreams.

For A

Royal Bedroom Look

Silk is romantic, delicate, and shrouded in mystery. With a lovely pearly sheen, our pillowcase will add a sophisticated flair to your bed. And the colors are worthy of a royal nook. Sleep has never looked better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Want to find out more about the melloweasy Calming Silk Pillowcase?

Momme, silk’s weight and density, is the unit of measurement for the quality of pure silk, similar to the thread count for cotton. The higher the momme, the heavier and denser the silk product will be. When looking for silk pillowcases, you should consider its Momme weight and density. Anything under 19-Momme is considered good quality, but 25-Momme is way too heavier for bedding. 22-Momme is perfect for bedding and sleepwear if you want to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

The melloweasy Calming Silk Pillowcase is crafted from 100% natural 22-Momme silk to ensure a soothing sleep experience. It provides the perfect blend of comfort and elegance.

OEKO-TEX certified fabric means that the fabric meets all the standards regarding the limited use of harmful substances during the manufacturing process. OEKO-TEX certified fabrics are safe and skin-friendly.

The melloweasy Calming Silk Pillowcase is made of OEKO-TEX certified natural silk.

Unlike cotton, silk doesn’t wick water which means your hair and skin stay hydrated.

The friction between hair or skin and a silk pillowcase is minimal because of silk’s slippery nature. This means less frizzy, tangled hair and no more sleep lines. With cotton, the friction is higher, and the hair and skin don’t glide easily throughout the night.

Satin is a substitute for silk when it comes to bedding, but silk has some advantages over satin:

  • It’s naturally breathable.
  • It’s hypoallergenic.
  • It’s natural.

Silk’s naturally temperature regulating which makes it the perfect all-seasons bedding material. It keeps you cool during hot summer nights and warm during cold nights.

You can wash the melloweasy Calming Silk Pillowcase as often as you like. You can hand-wash or machine wash it at a gentle cycle at a maximum 30˚ C.


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