About Us

We believe sleep is the key ingredient of all the extraordinary
things people do. Relaxation and good sleep change everything:
health, productivity, and relationships.

melloweasy was founded with one simple mission: to provide
quality sleep through innovative and trustworthy sleep and
wellness products.

mellow /ˈmel·oʊ/
(of a person or mood) relaxed and pleasant

To us, mellow is more than a feeling; it is a state of mind.

melloweasy is a way of life. It is about finding a way to approach every day fully consciously and relaxed through better sleep.

We believe that everyone can achieve it through cozy moments and good sleep. It could be curling up on the couch under a soothing blanket that hugs you. Or resting your head on a supportive pillow that chills your body and mind. It could be wearing luxurious nightclothes that
will have you off to dreamland. Whatever it is, melloweasy has your back.

It all started when…

… we found ourselves looking for ways to enjoy a more fulfilling night’s sleep for a healthier, happier life. You’re probably doing it, too.

We are a family-owned company committed to helping everyone live a calmer, happier life by improving the quality of their zzz’s.

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Let’s do it the melloweasy way.

For the love of sleep.

A restful night’s sleep is one of life’s little luxuries. It recharges your body and soul to face any day rejuvenated.

Inspired by sleepers, for sleepers, our products are crafted for the most important part of the day, or the night – bedtime.

From a pillow that’s soft on the skin and mind to a blanket that feels like a warm hug and lulls you to sleep, all melloweasy products are ergonomically designed only from premium materials.

We stand behind the quality of our products.

The attention to detail, un-compromised quality, superior comfort, and support set our products apart.

We want you to be happy as much as we want you to rest easy. When you invest in our beautiful and authentic products, you’re investing in your wellbeing for years to come. When you choose melloweasy, you’re choosing a healthier lifestyle.

We care about the world we live in.

Dream sweet dreams knowing melloweasy is planet-friendly. Our expertise, passion for craftsmanship, and love for nature sit at the heart of everything we do. From the carefully hand-selected materials to our production, distribution, and shipping process, we go above and beyond to reduce our impact on the environment.

Good nights and better days are one click away.

Now’s the time to get back to what matters and take control of your sleep.

Enjoy the perfect night’s rest with specifically designed products to suit your unique sleep needs.

Relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy the melloweasy shopping experience.

Try melloweasy today!

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