melloweasy Nature Dream Sleep Machine

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A compact, portable nature sound machine that’s like a balm for the mind. It induces relaxation, comforts your mood, and helps the whole family (yes, the little ones, too) grab some peaceful z’s.


Immerse yourself in soothing sounds

with the melloweasy nature dream sleep machine.

Wake up to energizing bird songs or fall asleep listening to a waterfall.

Sleep Soundly.


Fussy sleepers, the melloweasy nature dream sleep machine is your helper for a blissful slumber. It offers 36 hours of calming sounds. Perfect to mask your loud neighbors or the city’s noises when all you need is sleep.

Music for

Your Mind

Nature’s sounds are a source of peace and happiness. Forget the white noise mobile apps. Better, turn off your smartphone and all its distractions. Turn on the melloweasy sleep machine and give your buzzy mind time to recharge.

Baby Friendly…

But Parents Will Love It, Too.

When you finally get your baby to sleep, the last thing you want is a car honk waking them up. Our sleep sound machine was designed to drown out this kind of noise. It helps little ones feel safe, wind down, and sleep peacefully.

A Sound for

Every Mood

Enjoy 9 ambient sounds for different moods and activities. Incorporate the machine into your bedtime routine for a night of healthy, restful sleep. Or use it at the office to mask annoying sounds and improve your focus.

Relaxation at

Your Fingertips

With a touch of a button, you can transform your bedroom into a relaxation oasis. Or your bathroom into a veritable spa. Play your favorite relaxing whispers and take your mind to dreamy places. Perfect for relaxation, meditation, and sleep.


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